Call for Memoranda: ICPC to conduct system study and review of Nigerian Universities

Based on intelligence, petitions, complaints and public comments against the University system in Nigeria, ICPC is undertaking a comprehensive Systems Study and Review of Nigerian Universities as statutorily mandated by Section 6 (b-d) of its enabling law
The barrage of petitions to the Commission coming from students and other stakeholders against several institutions border on systems failures. Among other things, such failures have   resulted in: admission and examination records mismanagement, delays in students’ timely graduation, victimization, admission racketeering, high level examination malpractices resulting in graduation of unqualified students, financial impropriety with regard to project and infrastructural development and flagrant disregard for stipulated rules, policies and procedures, distortion in enrolment, carrying-capacity and admission quotas, and misappropriations in the application of funds leading to inadequacy or outright absence of requisite learning facility amid substantial  provision of funds by government and other stakeholders.
Objectives of our intervention are as follows:

  • To establish the veracity of the various intelligence, petitions, complaints and public comments and claims against the University system
  • To examine the practices, systems and procedures of the Universities and ascertain which of such practices, systems or procedures aid or facilitate fraud or corruption; impede on quality of service delivery, or open to manipulation and circumvention for personal gains and creating situation of deliberate or inadvertent victimization of students and staff.
  • To examine the records keeping and retrieval system of the universities in order to ascertain its compliance with best practices
  • To examine the rules and practices guiding examination management generally and ascertain whether the rules/practices are in harmony with the objectives of providing high level manpower.
  • To examine systems and procedure of admission of students, students’ examination/assessment systems, and the duration between examinations and release of results, as well as the procedure under which students are made to remedy their examination deficiencies.
  •  To ascertain if there had been abuses/infractions of any extant regulations and statutes in the areas of admission, management, finance, university autonomy, academic freedom, e.t.c.

A broad view of corruption in the university system was taken and three (3) Universities, reflecting various dynamics were selected for a pilot study. These are:

  • University of Nigeria Nsukka, (from July 22, 2012)
  • Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye (August, 2012)
  • American University of Nigeria, Yola.(Sept.2012)

Instruments of data collection for the exercise are: Survey Questionnaires, Oral interviews and memoranda that may be authored by individuals and groups from among:

  • Council Members/VCs/Management staff,
  • Academic staff,
  • Administrative/Technical Staff,
  • Union members,
  • Students,
  • Parents and
  • Members of the University’s External Community

Memo may be addressed to:
The Chairman,
Plot 802 Constitution Avenue,
Central Area Abuja-Nigeria.
Or submitted to :