ICPC Structure

Operational Structure of ICPC
ICPC is structured into 10 departments and 6 units. The departments, which are directorates include the operational departments such as Operations; Legal Services; Proceeds of Crime, Recovery & Management; Special Services; Systems Study & Review and Public Enlightenment & Education. The general services departments are Administration & Human Resources; Finance & Accounts; Planning Research & Statistics; and the Anti-Corruption Academy of Nigeria (ACAN), the training arm of ICPC.
The 6 units of the Commission include Internal Audit; Procurement; Reform (SERVICOM, ACTU & FoI) as well as Protocol, Internal Security & Support; and the Clinic.


The Chairman has powers to control, supervise, and give general direction for the efficient and effective functioning of the Commission. In that regard, he issues “Standing Orders” as provided by Section 7(1) of the ICPC Act. The Act also provides that the Secretary to the Commission under the general direction of the Chairman, is responsible for keeping the records of the Commission and the general day-to-day administration and control of the staff. To facilitate execution of this function, there are three (3) support service departments, namely: Administration & Human Resources Department, Finance & Accounts Department and Planning Research & Statistics Department. The Anti-Corruption Academy of Nigeria (ACAN), the training and research arm of the Commission provides training to enhance the efficiency of staff in their duties, and also trains other Anti-Corruption agencies, MDAs and private sector officials on best practices in corruption prevention.