Privacy Policy

The Commission wishes to assure the confidentiality of personal information provided by any person who may have visited this website to submit petition or any other information to the Commission.

The Commission doesn’t not divulge the identity or contact details of anyone who provides information to the Commission except to the trial judge as stipulated in Section 64 (1) of the Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Act 2000. 

The section states that “Subject to subsection (2), where any complaint made by any officer of the Commission states that the complaint is made in consequence of information received by the officer making the complaint, the information referred to in the compliant and the identity of the person from whom such information is received shall be secret between the officer who made the complaint and the person who gave the information, and everything contained in such information, identity of the person who gave the information and all other circumstances relating to the information, including the place where it was given, shall not be disclosed or be ordered or required to be disclosed in public but only to the trial judge and the defence lawyer in attendance in any civil, criminal or other proceedings in any court or tribunal.”

The section states further that “Where a suspect under investigation fails to appear before the Commission after repeated served invitations and notices, the person may be declared wanted by the Commission, and in this instance, all personal details of the suspect at the disposal of the Commission shall be made public.”

Please note that the Commission is not liable for leakage of personal information from any third party site connected to its website.