Petition Guidelines

Any person anywhere in the world may make a complaint against any other person (corporate or non corporate) in Nigeria, where reasonable grounds exist for suspecting that such a person has conspired to  commit or attempted to commit or has committed  an offence under the Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Act 2000 . Click here to view ICPC Office locations in States

How to file Petitions

1. Complaint/petition is made through oral/written report submitted  through post, physically to any ICPC office in Nigeria. 

2.  A complaint made orally or by an illiterate shall be reduced  into writing and read over to the complainant by an officer of the Commission.

3.  The report shall set out details of the complaint , date, time and place where the offence was allegedly committed.

4. The Complainant shall provide the names and addresses, phone number, email and  other relevant information that may assist the Commission in locating the person or persons against whom the complaint is made.

5. The complainant shall state his/her full address, email or phone number or any other information that will assist the Commission in contacting him/her, whenever necessary.

6. Reports can also be made  online through any of our reporting platforms  viz: 


      Toll-free lines:    0800-CALL-ICPC   i.e  0800-2255-4272
                                   Mtn: 0803-123-0280, 0803-123-0281
                                   Glo: 0705-699-0190, 0705-699-0191

      Social Media:    Facebook: ICPC Nigeria

                                 Twitter:  @icpcnigeria      

                                 Instagram: icpcnigeria

7. The Commission shall acknowledge receipt of any petition within 48 hours.

To submit a petition now, click here.