ICPC Warns Schools Against Pre-NYSC Levies

ICPC has received petitions  that a tertiary institution is extorting “levies” ranging from N20,000 to N40,000 from prospective corp members who have spent between two to four years after graduation before they can get final clearance for mobilization to the August batch of the NYSC scheme.

ICPC has begun preliminary investigations and the Institution involved (and others contemplating on doing so) should remedy the situation immediately so as not to unduly traumatize our young graduates.

Petitions also indicate that some Institutions that over-subscribed their quota for admission of their Law graduates into the Nigerian Law School have resorted to sending only names of candidates who allegedly paid bribes or peddled influence to the detriment of more eligible candidates.

ICPC directs all Anti-Corruption & Transparency Units (ACTUs) to help their Institutions establish and publish a transparent corruption-free procedure for the selection of candidates proceeding to the Nigerian Law School and other professional bodies.

Rather than resort to self-help or acquiescence all concerned students, staff, parents and ACTUs  should report infractions to ICPC through our website: info@icpc.gov.ng or through the following toll-free lines: 0803 123 0280, 0803 123 0281, 0803 123 0282, 0705 699 0190 and 0705 699 0191.