Proactive Disclosure

Proactive Disclosure

Section 2 (3) of the FOI Act, provides that a public institution shall cause to be published in accordance with subsection (4) of this Section, the following information:

 (a) A description of the organization and responsibilities of the institution including details of the programmes and functions of each division, branch and department of the institution. Click here to download ICPC Act 2000

(b) A list of all –

           (i) Classes of records under the control of the institution in sufficient details to facilitate the exercise of the right to information under this Act.

           (ii) Manuals used by employees of the institution in administering or carrying out any of the programmes or activities of the institution. Click here to download (ICPC Act 2000)

(c) A description of documents containing final opinions including concurring and dissenting opinions as well as orders made in the adjudication of cases.

(d) Documents containing;

           (i) Substantive rules of the institution. ICPC Act 2000

           (ii) Statements and interpretations of policy which have been adopted by the institution. Click here to download ICPC Strategic Action Plan 2019 – 2023

           (iii) Final planning policies, recommendations, and decisions.ICPC Strategic Action Plan 2019 – 2023

           (iv) Factual reports, inspection reports, and studies whether prepared by or for the institution.

ICPC 2021 Audited Account

ICPC Budget Implementation 2016 – 2022

ICPC Annual Report 2006

ICPC Annual Report 2009

ICPC Annual Report 2010

ICPC Annual Report 2011

ICPC Annual Report 2012

ICPC Annual Report 2013

ICPC Annual Report 2014

ICPC Annual Report 2015

ICPC Annual Report 2017/2018 

ICPC Annual Report 2019

ICPC Annual Report 2020 

ICPC Annual Report 2021

(v) Information relating to the receipt or expenditure of public or other funds of the institution. Click here to download ICPC Budget 2024 

           (vi) The names, salaries, titles and dates of employment of all employees and officers of the institution 

           (vii) The right of state, public institutions, or of any private person (s).

           (viii) The name of every official and the final records of voting in all proceedings of the institutions.

(e) a list of;

           (i) Files containing applications for any contract, permit, grants, licenses or agreements.

Invitation to Tender (May – June 2024)

Request for Quotations (May 2024)

Request for Quotations (December 2023)

Request for Quotations (September 2023)

Request for Quotation (February 2023)

Request For Quotation (December 2022)

Request for Quotation (June 2022)

Debriefing on Capital Projects 2022

Request for Quotation (April 2022)

Debriefing of Bidders on the Outcome of Financial Bid Evaluation for 2021 Capital Projects

Request for Quotation (July 2021)

Request for Quotation (April 2020)

List of Contractors and Job Awarded from 2018-2020


(ii) Reports, documents, studies, or’ publications prepared by independent contractors for the institution. 

(iii) Materials containing information relating to any grant or contract made by or between the institution and another public institution or private organization. 

(f) The title and address of the appropriate officer of the institution to whom an application for information under this Act shall be sent to:

Name: Mr. Mustapha M. Hussain

Designation: Chief Superintendent



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