The Commission pledges that it:

  • Will communicate the progress of all matters emanating from the public, in writing or by telephone to the initiator of the matter within two (2) weeks of receipt.
  • Will acknowledge and reply all mails within 48 hours of receipt.
  • Will investigate allegations of corrupt practices with dispatch and without bias.
  • Will protect the identity of informants and the sanctity of the information provided.
  • Will prepare agreements on transactions between the ICPC and other bodies within five (5) days of assignment, provided all relevant information is available.
  • Will issue timely press releases on matters and activities of the Commission and ensure that such releases are used by both broadcast and print media without delay.
  • Will maintain a regular contact with the Nigerian public through television and radio programmes.
  • Will respond to applications for registration of contractors within two (2) weeks.
  • Will complete the process of payment of claims and other entitlements within 72 hours of receipt of approval for staff and contractors.
  • Will ensure that public organizations studied by the Commission duly review corruption prone operational procedures in compliance with guidelines and solutions proffered within eight (8) weeks from the date such are given.
  • Will produce and publish the Annual Reports of its activities within three (3) months from the end of each year.RECOURSE TO REDRESS
  • Complaints about any of our interfacing activities with the public can be lodged here [use the send us a message Link ]