Re: ICPC Declares Gladys Aginwa and Dennis Ale Wanted

The Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC) wishes to draw the attention of the general public to a wanted person notice it put out on its website and social media platforms in February 2018 on Mr. Dennis Ale purportedly Managing Director of a company known as Capital Field Investment Ltd.

The Commission had received a petition in which one Mr. Dennis Ale and an associate were accused of wrong-doing in some foreign exchange transaction.

In the course of investigations, information gathered had labeled the suspect as the MD of Capital Field Investments. In order to invite Mr. Ale for his statement, a letter was addressed to the MD of Capital Field Investment Ltd. dated 18th   August, 2016 through the stated address in its records with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). However, the invitation letter was returned by the courier company undelivered. All efforts to find the suspect also proved futile which prompted ICPC to declare him wanted.

Subsequently, one Mr. Devon Okorie from Capital Field called ICPC on Thursday 1st March, 2018 to complain that Mr. Ale who had been declared wanted was not known at all to the company, let alone be its MD. Further interactions with one of the company’s staff have revealed that its address had changed from the one ICPC got from CAC records but had not been updated accordingly which was why the invitation letter could not be delivered by the courier. Capital Field Investment Ltd., on 1stMarch, 2018, further sent proof of change of address submitted to CAC.

It is therefore important to note that had the company’s new address been updated in its CAC record, the invitation letter would have been delivered and the MD of Capital Field Investment Ltd. would have been able to respond to clear the air on the matter without ICPC declaring anyone wanted.

It is not part of ICPC’s modus operandi to besmirch the reputation of any law-abiding citizen whether corporate or natural. The Commission, therefore, regrets any embarrassment suffered by Capital Field Investments Ltd. over the publication.