The Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC), in a move to engage the younger generation in the fight against corruption, held a sensitization session for students and educators of Royal Ambassador College, Akure, Ondo State.

The sensitization exercise, which was convened with the aim of fostering awareness and understanding of anti-corruption principles, centered on acquainting attendees with the 12 core values of the National Values Curriculum (NVC), as well as the seven core values outlined in the National Ethics and Integrity Policy (NEIP). The overarching objective was to empower participants to disseminate these critical messages within their respective circles.

Delivering a paper at the event on the “National Values Curriculum and National Ethics and Integrity Policy”, Mr. Jenmi Ganiu Owolabi, Principal Superintendent of the Public Enlightenment and Education Unit, ICPC Ondo State Office explained ICPC’s anti-corruption interventions within the education sector.

He highlighted the crucial role of students as future leaders in eradicating corruption while emphasizing the significance of adopting the 12 values of the NVC as a means to lead a life free from all forms of corruption.

He further urged the participants to propagate the seven core values of the NEIP among their peers and to actively engage in reporting corrupt practices to the Commission, stressing the collective responsibility in combating corruption.

Thereafter, the school principal, Mr. Bayode Olalekan expressed gratitude on behalf of the school, affirming their commitment to instilling anti-corruption values in students through the curriculum.

He pledged to integrate the teachings from the sensitization into their educational framework, ensuring that the message resonates throughout the school community.

As a gesture of support, ICPC provided informational materials to participants and the school library, reinforcing their commitment to fostering a culture of integrity and accountability among the youth.