KPMG Demo’s Prevention and Tracking Software to ICPC

As part of measures to meet up with the challenges of fighting corruption, the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC) has commenced a full digitalization of its operational activities.

The digitalization process of the Commission will commence with the delivery of ‘The Project Tracking software’ and ‘Preventive tools’ software which would be fully deployed for the operations of the Commission.

The two softwares developed by the technical team of KPMG Nigeria will help in assisting the Commission in the automation of the entire processes of the Constituency and Executive Projects Tracking Initiative (CEPTI) of the commission.

Unveiling the two software at the HQ of the Commission, Joseph Utibe, who led the KPMG technical team, explained the usage of the software and all the advantages the Commission will derive from their deployment.

According to him, the softwares will assist ICPC from project identification, selection, role assignment to finalization, as well as guarantee an efficient management system of the CEPTI.

While dissecting each of the software’s features, Mr. Utibe noted the Admin’s role which is to upload and set up budget files and other prerequisites and CEPTG user’s role of utilizing the system.

He elaborated that the CEPTG user can initiate new project tracking after selecting the budget and year, view project information including project name, ID, dates, etc and automatically detect anomalies with a budget file, which used to be done manually. He continued that the user can finalize and close out the new tracking after selecting other criteria that are relevant to the tracking project.

In part 2 of the demo, Mr. Utibe introduced the “Preventive Tools” software that is designed for the System Study and Review Department (SSRD) of the Commission to automate the Ethics and Integrity Compliance Scorecard (EICS) for MDAs.

Mr. Utibe gave a high level overview of the software that allows ICPC deploy EICS to one or more MDAs as well as view completion progress and compliance analysis.

The Secretary to the Commission, Mr. Clifford Okparaodu, who stood in for the Chairman of the commission, Dr. Musa Adamu Aliyu, SAN expressed his pleasure to the KPMG technical team for their continuous effort and hard work during the software development process.

The ICPC secretary said that the Commission is fully aware of the potential benefit that technology and ICT will bring to the fight against corruption, adding that necessary adjustments will continue to be made in the process of executing our operational activities in line with the law of the country.   

Demola Bakare, fsi.

Ag. Director, Public Enlightenment and Enlightenment Dept.

ICPC Spokesperson