Since the Commissioning of ICPC’s Toll free lines on May 30th 2013, Nigerians have been taking good advantage to forward their petitions, Complaints, Observations and suggestions to the Commission, at no cost to the callers.

Between May when the 5 lines were activated, and the first week of August 2013, a total of 126 calls have been received from Citizens in 26 States spread across the 6 Geo-political zones of the Country.

So far, over one third of   these callers have been requesting the ICPC to recover their money from their business partners, while a similar number have lodged Complaints  about poor services and alleged Corrupt Practices by staff of the power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN).

A good number of the Callers have provided useful information which has assisted the Commission in fulfilling its mandate, thus resulting in investigation activities, preventive measures, and public Enlightenment and Education. The Commission is therefore greatly encouraged by these calls from concerned and patriotic Nigerians.

The law does not give the ICPC the mandate to collect debt on behalf of anyone. Callers are therefore advised to take note and to restrict their complaints to matters that fall under the jurisdiction of the commission; such as bribery, receiving gratification, criminal conspiracy, making false statement,  Fraudulent acquisition of property, and fraudulent receipt of property.

Many callers have been enquiring about the petitions they had sent to the Commission, asking for updates to be given to them. In as much as it is the policy of the Commission to keep petitioners informed about the progress of work, details of investigation activities cannot be disclosed on phone. Relevant progress or conclusion reports will only be released on a “need to know” basis.

Our Toll-Free numbers are:

  • 080 31230280
  • 080 31230281
  • 080 31230282
  • 070 56990190
  • 070 56990191

Released by the Public Enlightenment Department


5th August, 2013.