The Secret of my old age is honesty – Octogenarian Business Man

An octogenarian business man and retired civil servant, Mr. Humphrey Wokoro Woko, has said in an interview he granted The Punch newspaper that the secret of his old age is honesty. He said rather than steal public funds because of poor remuneration, the Civil Servant should leave the Service honourably and engage in what he considers to be a more rewarding private sector enterprise. He also spoke on ethics and integrity as a basis for contentment.

Mr Woko said “The secret of my old age is honesty. No matter what happens, I will always be honest. Whenever one cheats others, one will pay the price. There is no need to rush because this world is like a market place; when one finishes buying everything one needs, one must surely go back home. Some people love to acquire everything. When they finish acquiring everything, they must leave it behind when they die.”

“I enjoyed being honest. If one is honest and content, one will make it. I know some people who were not sincere. I am the third oldest person where I am. If you ask people that you need a sincere person, they will always refer you to me. I enjoy that.” He added.

When asked why Nigeria is facing many challenges, he said “Nigeria is suffering today because some people are so eager to attain a position that God has not prepared for them. They want to make it at all cost even to the detriment of another person and the whole country. Killing is rampant today because they want to make it overnight. People are looting public funds to make it. People are no longer honest. They no longer have the fear of God. People should fear God. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.”