ICPC Puts an End to 2 Years Arbitrary Billing by AEDC

Arbitrary billing, incessant harassment and fraudulent demands by some officials of the Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC) of an electricity consumer has been put to an end by ICPC.

Mrs. Mojisola Yinka, who is a resident of Apo district of the FCT had petitioned the Commission alleging that she had been a victim of this harassment for 2 years saying that even though the distribution company had not been supplying them electricity, she was being billed between N20, 000 to N47, 000 on a monthly basis.

According to her, in less than 16 months she had paid not less than N100, 000 as bill to AEDC for electricity which she never consumed.

Mrs. Yinka further alleged that she had made repeated efforts to bring the injustice to the attention of the management of the AEDC in Apo, but that resulted in more harassment and disconnections of her electricity supply.

She explained that after she had exhausted all other avenues of redress without any positive result, she decided to write to ICPC.

Upon the intervention of the Commission, AEDC reconnected her electricity supply immediately and also installed a pre-payment meter at her home at no cost to her.

In her appreciation letter to the Hon. Chairman, she recommended that the Commission should look into the activities of AEDC as “a lot of Nigerians are groaning under their oppression”.