Imbibe strong moral principles to fight corruption

The Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC) has encouraged students of St Mary’s Secondary School and Redeemer’s Nursery and Primary School, both in Festac, Lagos State to imbibe high positive principles in their lives.

Mrs. Dubem Odega of the ICPC Lagos State Office, gave this charge during Integrity Talks at both schools. She emphasised the need to have strong moral principles at all times even when no one is watching, as it will assist them to achieve their various goals in life.

She emphasized the need to maintain good conduct by keeping good friends, being punctual, hardworking, contented, fair and honest in their dealings with others, and by standing for what is right and being firm in their decisions as students.

The officer further told the students that corruption is a threat to our environment and our fundamental human rights, so they should contribute to reduction in corrupt practices by remaining disciplined, shunning all forms of examination malpractice as well as giving their best without expecting anything in return.

She urged the students to act as watch dogs of the ICPC by reporting any act of corruption witnessed by them.

The integrity session was interactive and the students were directed to visit the various ICPC social media platforms for current updates about the Commission.