ICPC Chairman Emphasizes Strategic Action Plan as Foundation for Commission’s Integrity

Chairman of the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC), Dr. Musa Adamu Aliyu SAN, underscored the pivotal role of strategic action plans in shaping the Commission’s direction while upholding its commitment to transparency and ethics.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of a 2-day strategic plan workshop focused on the 2024-2028 period, held at the Lagos Marriott Hotel Ikeja, Dr. Aliyu emphasized the significance of these plans in enhancing excellence and value within public service. He stressed that success in the fight against corruption hinges upon a collective dedication to excellence.

Commending past administrations for laying the groundwork with a robust blueprint fostering a strong organizational culture, Dr. Aliyu lauded the ongoing efforts in strategy formulation for the Commission.

According to him, the workshop is a “turning point in our effort at strategy development in the drive to foster a culture of consistently crafting a road map to guide the leadership, management, and staff towards a successful realization of the mandate of the Commission”.  

Dr Aliyu charged participants to take pride in honest work, saying that all efforts will eventually be valued and encouraged in the pursuit of a corruption-free society, adding the need for a conscious culture of integrity and professionalism.  

Describing the workshop as a crucial milestone in refining strategic development efforts, Dr. Aliyu highlighted key initiatives, including a strategy review session and the formation of a strategic plan development committee, as integral to shaping the new action plan.

He noted that the workshop offered a valuable platform for dialogue, evaluation, and decision-making to propel the Commission towards its objectives. Dr. Aliyu urged participants to uphold integrity and professionalism, emphasizing the importance of honest work in realizing a corruption-free society.

Echoing Dr. Aliyu’s sentiments, Senator Emmanuel M. Udende, the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Anti-Corruption and Financial Crimes, commended ICPC’s adoption of strategic plans to guide its operations. He underscored the destructive impact of corruption on social stability and national development, praising ICPC’s interventions in combating corruption.

Dr. Emmanuel Uche, representing the Rule of Law and Anti-Corruption (RoLAC), applauded ICPC’s commitment to strategic action planning, noting the Commission’s evolution into a leader in monitoring and evaluation among anti-corruption agencies. In his welcome address, the Secretary to the Commission, Mr. Clifford Okwudiri Oparaodu, DSSRS, outlined the workshop’s objective of assessing past action plans’ successes and failures to chart an innovative path forward. He emphasized the importance of participants’ honest and earnest contributions in line with the rule of law.