ICPC/NUC Joint News Conference on Closure of Illegal Universities

Gentlemen of the Press,
The essence of this Press Conference, is to let you know that in keeping with its warning delivered by the Chairman last week, ICPC has today commenced a nation-wide operation to seal the premises of identified illegal “Universities”, seize their properties, make arrests, prosecute, and execute such other actions it deems fit.
This actions, is the first in the series of implementing the outcome of an ongoing ICPC/NUC University System Study and Review (USSR), for which ICPC sort and obtained a Federal High Court Warrant to crack down on illegal degree-awarding mills in Nigeria.
An Inter-Agency Task Team comprising of ICPC, the National Universities Commission, the Police, the State Security Services and the Nigeria Civil Defence Corps will continue the exercise until all corrupt practices and impunity associated with the physical existence of such illegal institutions cease completely.
We know it is a world-wide phenomenon which occurs wherever demand for educational or other services far outweigh supply but we are determined to eliminate it from such critical sectors like education in Nigeria.


The universities being closed down today were established in contravention of the law which states that any application for the establishment of a university must be done through the National Universities Commission. These unaccredited institutions, apart from extorting huge sums of money from unsuspecting Nigerians, are manned by unqualified personnel; and operate in makeshift structures and poor environment that cannot qualify our youth both in learning and character for the award of recognized university degrees. In addition, students of these institutions are not admitted through JAMB, neither are they qualified or considered for the NYSC.


As a result of all these deficiencies, the so called students of these illegal outfits are not equipped for employment in the public or private sectors. In the end, certificates obtained from such institutions become useless, and the period of study becomes a monumental waste of precious time. Therefore, the activities of these illegal operators have impacted negatively on the mental, psychological and economic wellbeing of many young Nigerians and their parents. The institutions constitute an embarrassment to the Government; and remain a monumental corruption of the education system.
Members of the public are advised to visit the NUC website for the list of these illegal degree-awarding universities, institutions and Centres. A lot of them do not have fixed addresses while some have become itinerant, changing locations continuously to beat the law.
School Proprietors by this Notice are advised to be wary of lending or hiring out their premises for these “after-school hour and weekend” institutions to avoid having their premises sealed or seized.
Gentlemen of the Press, we solicit your cooperation, and that of all well-meaning Nigerians including Civil Societies, parents and prospective students to continue providing us with relevant information to help check the corrupt activities that mortgage the future of our youths.


Thank you


Prof. Olu Aina, OFR

Chairman, ICPC/NUC Task Team