IACA's Master in Anti-Corruption Studies (MACS) Earns Global Recognition

International Anti-Corruption Academy’s  Master in Anti-Corruption Studies (MACS), accredited under the EU’s Bologna system, has (once again) been recognized by the Indian Government for a select and exclusive list along with long-term programmes offered by just five of the world’s leading universities: Harvard, Oxford, Johns Hopkins, Duke, and Cambridge. I am thus most thankful to IACA’s staff, faculty, experts, visiting faculty, donors, and students for having gained (and maintained) this prestigious place of academic company!

On a similar note, IACA was also once more recognized in December by the UN’s General Assembly in a resolution (A/RES/71/208; not published yet), when it reads in its op 65: “Welcomes the work of the International Anti-Corruption Academy, a centre of excellence for education, training and academic research in the anti-corruption field, including in the area of asset recovery, and looks forward to its continued efforts in this regard to promote the goals and implementation of the Convention [UNCAC]“.

Here our expression of gratitude is extended also to all constituency members, supporters, and friends.

With kind personal regards,


Martin Kreutner

Dean & Executive Secretary, IACA