Members of Students Anti-Corruption Club charged to imbibe Integrity

The Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC) has charged the students of New Fountain Secondary School and Christian Council of Nigeria School, both in Festac Town, Lagos, to exhibit attributes of integrity.

This charge was delivered by Mrs. Dubem Odega of the ICPC Lagos State office during Integrity Talks held in the schools recently. 

She urged the students to imbibe strong moral values, contentment, fairness, honesty in all their dealings with others and stand for what is right no matter the situation.

Mrs. Odega explained that the effects of corruption – bad roads, epileptic power supply, falling standard of education and unemployment – affects all areas of life including young people who are not exempted, and encouraged the students to be active members of the Students Anti-Corruption Club and abide by the principles of hard work, accountability and transparency and display exemplary conduct always.

The Integrity Talk featured a short anti-corruption film show by Step Up Nigeria in one of the schools and an anti-corruption book reading session on the book titled ‘Ansa’s Speech’ in the other.