National Anti-Corruption Volunteer Corps, NAVC

                                                                     PUBLIC NOTICE

The Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC) wishes to inform the general public that its citizen volunteer initiative, the National Anti-Corruption Volunteer Corps (NAVC) has been suspended with immediate effect due to abuse by certain state chapters which are being investigated.

All State Chapters are by this notice expected to put on hold all activities including the registration of new members pending further directive from ICPC HQ.


The National Anti-Corruption Volunteer Corps (NAVC) was established in 2008 by the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC) to provide an avenue for Nigerians to get involved personally and actively in the campaign against corruption. It is aimed at mobilizing citizens at the grassroots and sensitizing them on the devastating effects of corruption on the well being of Nigerians and the development of the country.

Since its establishment in 2008, the Corps has been inaugurated in most states of the federation, with each chapter headed by a Coordinator. All state chapters are under the supervision of the National Coordinator at the ICPC Headquarters.

The Corps has witnessed a large turn out of registered volunteers most of them carrying out their responsibilities with commitment and dedication. The NAVC has been particularly active in the South East where thousands of citizens enlisted into the Corps. In 2010, a one million man march was organized by the Corps in Owerri, Imo State with the state Governor Ikedi Ohakim and ICPC Chairman Justice Emmanuel Ayoola in attendance. Members of a delegation from the Kenyan anti-corruption Commission on a study tour of the ICPC were invited to witness the one million man march in the Imo State capital.

As the NAVC gained popularity  across the country, it  attracted different types of volunteers,  some of them with  dubious intentions. Some of the state Coordinators had became high-handed in their activities while some were  consumed by the same, ill they were supposed to fight  -corruption.  Struggle  for  control of leadership of the Corps broke out in some states notably Imo, Abia and Ondo states.

Some state Coordinators even resorted to arrest and interrogation of citizens, while some even set up detention centers!  It was becoming  obvious that some Coordinators had clearly gone beyond their mandate. It got so bad that  the Commission arraigned some Coordinators  and members to court for corrupt practices.

And so in 2014, the  Chairman of the Commission Ekpo Nta ordered for the suspension of activities of the NAVC nationwide. This was aimed at restoring the ideals and noble objectives of the Corps and maintaining the integrity of the Commission. To ensure more transparency and accountability  in the activities of the Corps , the Commission has produced operational Guidelines and Training Manuals for  prospective volunteers. One of the new provisions stipulates that all volunteers must be gainfully employed citizens and must be sponsored by referees who must be law enforcement officers, senior civil servants, lecturers or professionals of  similar standing.

It is hoped that the new operational guidelines and training manuals would attract committed people of integrity who have the intent of Nigeria at heart.

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